Redlands Passenger Rail Project


The Redlands Passenger Rail Project is a progressive regional transportation project designed to connect residents, businesses and visitors to a variety of leisure, education, healthcare and other destinations. This nine-mile rail project provides new transportation choices through the implementation of a new rail service that integrates conveniently with other modes such as auto, bus and bicycle.

Redlands Passenger Rail Project
Redlands Passenger Rail Project


We would like to invite you to apply to participate as a member of a focus group to provide input, insights, and feedback that will help shape the future of the brand for the new rail service resulting from the Project. Your perceptions, opinions, and feedback will help guide the creation of a brand name, logo, and overall identity for the upcoming service.

Focus Group participation requires:

    • A desire to give constructive input with regards to service branding
    • An ability to listen to others and build on ideas
    • An ability to freely share ideas with the moderator and participants
    • A willingness to participate in brainstorming exercises
    • A commitment to respect other participant’s opinions
    • A commitment to openness, honesty, and individuality
    • A desire to see the project be inclusive and represent not only the local communities of Redlands and San Bernardino, but the entire region


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